1111! Time to wake up?

1111! Time to wake up?

1111! Time to wake up?

You may have noticed every single time you look at a clock you see 11:11 or at anything digital.east-586257_1920-300x200 1111! Time to wake up?

You may be seeing literally everywhere.

Great news seeing 1111 means that you are getting ready to change in a very profound way.

I started seeing 1111 about five months before my mother passed away and continue to see to this day, although just not so often.

If you are seeing 1111 and you’re not sure why, well it means that you are waking up! The universe is waking you up to your truest bare bones truth awakening you are waking up to your kundalini awakening, your third eye is becoming active or more active than it has been in the past.spring-876550_1920-300x200 1111! Time to wake up?

What are you waking up to? Well, you’re waking up to your higher self to your truth and your purpose.

Much of the world is still asleep, although now more than ever before people are becoming awakened and changing their lives to benefit their higher good.

This awakening is so profound and unique to each person who is experiencing it. Many of the personal truth you discover are meant only for you yet once you start to awaken you will probably feel like sharing your knew discovery and enlightenment about yourself with others, but there is no need unless you truly believe what you have experienced can benefit someone else.

This is also known as spiritual awakening, Ascension of the soul unto your higher self.bird-793914_1920-300x214 1111! Time to wake up?

There are also many symptoms people seem to experience as they start walking through the awakening process;

Some of those symptoms include heightened anxiety, so meditation is very beneficial.

I use meditation to calm my high functioning anxiety and I have found it works amazingly.

What are you experiences with 1111?

What have you found helpful in your awakening?

As always, let us know in the comments section below, love and light everyone!