5 Narcissistic ‘Red Flags’ to watch out for

1. Lack of empathy for others – refuses to see things from your prospective- blames you for emotions which is triggered by the narc.

2. Focuses on the negative – everyone else’s mistakes but their own- false sense of entitlement-

3. subjects you to gas lighting- insults you in a snide jokingly manner- declares you the queen of queens quickly and showers you with love bombs

4. never takes accountability – bombards you with lies and excuses- you are always walking on egg shells and can seem to do anything right.

5. they try to mold and arrange you into an extension of themselves.- your needs are always put on the back burner while he screams your his highest priority- he will manipulate, exploit, and use you. Breaking you down into a confused, anxious, mess

Narcissists can be both men or women, more often than not it is an empath who gets tangled up with a narcissist.

For those of you who have had experience with narcs what advice would you give to a newbie?


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