5 Reasons Empaths do not Like Being Touched

1. You should never touch an empath with our permission. Empaths absorb energy off of other people any time they are around other people. Some times empaths also pick up energies from places and objects as well.

2. Many empaths do not like their faces being touched, or their scars. Empaths have to learn how to block energies from others in order to stay balanced and grounded.

3. Empaths are prone to energy sickness. Imagine going into walmart with all of those unhappy people in there where you pick up all that negative energies you start to feel tired, exhausted, congested, maybe even icky at your stomach and you just want to go home and take a nap.

4. So because empaths are always bombarded with the energies of others its always important to shield and ground If your having coping issues, sometimes when a empath is touched unexpectedly it literally makes them feel like their skin is crawling.

5. Its nothing personal against anyone empaths must protect themselves from negative energies as well as draw boundaries with them self and others.

What do you find most difficult about being an empath?

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