5 Reasons to Know your Limits

when you do not draw clear, concise respectful boundaries with others or yourself you leave yourself open for UN-needed stress.

Getting down to your core bare bones awakening truth is simple it only requires you become honest with yourself. That you allow yourself to own your own requirements. So here we go.

1. If you do not know what you require you do not know where you need to make adjustments in your life. If you require alone time in morning, but your not getting it because you have not drawn that boundaries with others you are placing yourself in a position un conducive to your happiness.

2. Many of us are not very disciplined with others especially our self. So we need to get into our own heads and ciphen out our own behaviors which do not serve our own highest good

3. knowing your limits shows others how you expect to be treated. It also shows our self how we expect to be treated

4. having limits in place gives a sense of security to your self that you live by the principles you have set for yourself

5. having limits keeps you safe in your own emotional, physical, or spiritual space. You are worthy of protecting your own needs.

What limits do you feel you would benefit from adding into your life?

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