5 Reasons You’re a Survivor

1. Your still here struggling through each day the very best you can, that takes strength and courage.

2. Your fierce as fuck Yo! Just think about all the shit you have survived up until now. All the daily mountains you have climbed and your still here and your still doing alright.

3. No matter what your still getting up every day doing you. Your no quitter and I wanna say I’m hella proud of you I hope you are too.

4. You have worked so hard putting up with people, drama, life struggles, daily drama, trying to always make ends meet and always juggle your whole word I bet you never knew you are a optimistic go getting machine and you keep going and going.

5. Your’re building you, every day you get better, more fierce, more on top of your life goals and even when you don’t feel the best you still get up and try you never let anyone tear you down or hold you back from being your very best bare bones truth awakening self.

And that is only five reasons your the coolest mother fucker on the planet.


What are you gonna do with your next five years??

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Peace, Love & Light Everyone!