5 Things to Let you know you’re going through a ‘Dark Night of the Soul’ Experience

For a person going through dark night of the soul it can be rather scary especially if you have no idea you are going through a spiritual awakening although so much strangeness happens when we begin to awaken it takes some of us some time to realize some thing huge has happened to us.

Many times it is the dark night of our souls that lead us to our best ideas. You may be just sitting there and all of a sudden your mind is flooded with ideas. In many cases it is dark night that reminds us we are souls having a human experience . One thing dark night does shine light on how ever is our failures, all the things that never worked out some how are now replaced with something bigger, better, and more brilliant.

Dark night comes and goes for many as you go through your spiritual awakening. Some people go through it more than a few times others only a few. Its a time were no matter what you do you just can’t shake the serious blues. Dark night sometimes feels like great suffering, but in many ways its actually a blessing. Who would you still be if you hadn’t of went through it. I like to look at dark night as more than just a poem, a phenomena, but a brilliant shedding of eternal aspects of ourself which no longer benefit us. Life seems rather meaningless for the person going through it until the light shows itself in a new passion, a new taste for life.

Dark night of the soul is not a punishment but rather a shedding of the old, shedding of nasty ego traits. one piece at a time until you have metamorphosed and emerged from your dark night crystilis of awakening into a newly awakened higher vibrating soul.

If your going through this dark night kind of experience it will pass with some time. When its over you will feel the blessing that also came with it. You are not alone, you are loved unconditionally with in the universe.

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