5 ways to BANISH Fear!

1. Meditation when you meditate you allow your heart to relax, your mind to clear, and your body to release built up tensions. Meditating allows our minds and bodies to release stress

2. Get quality diet and sleep as we sleep we are rejuvenating, re charging, re focusing, and when we allow our self

3. becoming aware of your fears. Many people may have an idea of what scares them but no clue what it is they are afraid of until they break it down to the bare bones honest truth.

4. clean out your emotional space to much over thinking creates a lot of mental clutter and noise. Mental clutter and noise attribute to anxiety which is also some times fear based.

5. Remove what is holding you back from releasing your fears, a fear based mind set not only holds you back in life it also limits the opportunity you will have. Many people waste so much time allowing fear based thinking to control their lives

What fears would you like to get rid of today?

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Peace, Love & Light Everyone!