5 Ways External Drama Wastes Your Time

1. Allowing external problems to steal your day. If you can not help someone or you can not offer some good advice then there is no more reason for you to continue unless you come up with a good idea later.
Misery loves company its your right to protect your emotional space.

2. Not setting clear boundaries is another time waster. Maybe your neighbor wants to come over every day but every time you spend time with them you feel fatigued, tired, and exhausted. Your boundary needs to be I can only visit one day a month now I have a lot of priority goals in working on now. To be respectful. You’re not trying to hurt someones feelings your protecting your space. Do you see the difference.?

3. Caring about what others are going to think of you. Are they you? No Only what you think about you is important I mean geesh no one else has to live so close to you but you right?

4. Allowing stress, and external problems to invade your life to the point you can not get any of your own work done. Wow how many of us do that. All because we could not just say “No I am busy right now.”

5. Comparing your life to someone elses.

Never compare yourself with others, you can not see behind their closed doors. The bare bones truth awakening fact may be that you only see the sugar coated display the things that go on the other side of the door may be completely different.

Your life is a gift to you. Share the parts you want especially if your life experiences can help someone else.

You are not required to log into face book each day, you are not required to even look in your inbox. You need to always do you and no one else.

That is how we keep external projected issues out of our faces especially when we are trying to live and grow in a more Zen kind of stress-less direction.

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Peace, Love & Light Everyone!