5 ways you Lie to Yourself

1. Negative self talk- yep every time you shit talk yourself your abusing yourself- and telling your self a fuck ton of lies.

2. Oh I will do it right after this show- procrastination- its always good to have boundaries with yourself too.

3. Giving the benefit of the doubt always to those who do bot deserve it and to those who do not value you, your heart, or your feelings. As well as those who bring external drama into your life, and chaos.

4. Some times when we share our goals and dreams with others who are not awakened yet they can become jealous and be thinking really negatively towards you whether you know it or not. Remember thoughts and words manifest so you want to keep your stuff private so others do not effect you. We lie to our self this way because we tell our self everyone else has the same heart you do. Well the truth is most do not.

5. One day I will get to my dreams is also another lie many people tell themselves because fear is holding them back, or maybe other peoples drama, or even lack of confidence can create blocks so your not working on your goals. It’s never to late and your never to old to work on dreams and goals

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