5 Ways to Not Allow your Past to Define You

5 ways to not allow your past to define you

1. don’t take anything personally often times before we are old enough to even understand what it means to have self love, we come in contact with all sorts of situations that hurt us. We collect all of these experiences and hull them into our future allowing that to be what defines us. If someone has been mean to you just understand most people are not happy with or even like themselves maybe they had a horrid day and took it out on you. So what your not a victim your a survivor just adapt your self to not take anything to personal because if you do then you spend a lot of time worrying about things that really do not even matter and if they do they wont in six months time.

2. Surround yourself with others who support and uplift you these kinds of souls serve your highest self or best good eliminate toxic people from your life. Like attracts like.

3. Remember who you are is not who you come from or the family which you were brought up in. The ideals and traits of those people are not yours to bare allow yourself to be a free thinking free feeling human.

4. know that it is your choice to be what ever you want. This is your life. No one else has to live your life but you so what is it that is holding you back Fear? Doubt?

5. Forgive yourself and forgive your abusers and let that shit go. What does holding on to anything from your past especially something that hurt you? The only thing that matters is now right now

What will you do with your now?

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