5 Ways To Say No

Saying Yes when we want to say No creates needless stress in our bodies as well as our lives. Having healthy boundaries with your self and others is always important for clearing your space to reach your goals.

1. I appreciate the offer but No thank you.

2. I have already committed to previous plans

3. Your offer is very kind, I will respectfully decline

4. Not today. Thank you I am doing myself today.

5. Thank you for thinking of me I currently have a lot of my plate.

These are 5 easy ways to say no with out hurting any ones feelings. Saying yes when we want to say no adds further stress to our life.

Further more you do not need to give a reason you have declined. Many times we feel like we have to create an excuse because we chose to say no.

You do not owe an explanation to others of your choices. The only person you owe that to is yourself.
Its is okay and a personal right to protect your emotional, mental, and physical space.

What creative ways have you found to respectfully say No thank you.

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Peace, Love & Light Everyone!