5 Ways to Stop Procrastinating Today

1. Become aware that you are procrastinating – Many people spend a lot of time on auto pilot- a lot of people are also not aware of their own behaviors. If they are they usually have no idea how to change it.

2. Make a conscious choice to do one item on your to do list – refresh your to do list if you need to just to gift your self some new energy- for example if you have written down – I need to make a doctor appointment instead say on your list Today I will make a doctor appointment.- some time we need to leash our inner child so we dictate to our self what we need to be doing. Leaving something on your list for to long adds to the feeling of stagnation.

3. Tame your inner child- give yourself little rewards or gifts at the end of the week when you have done all your to do list each day – taking positive action steps in the right direction helps you stay on task, focused, and also feel like your rewarding yourself.

4. Mix it up, put a low priority item, then a high priority item – have fun with it. Challenge yourself see how many days you can complete your entire list this way – We are all just big kids with little kids inside of us so sometimes we have to still do things in a certain way like playing little games with our self to get it done.

5. You can ask a friend to come by an hold you accountable to yourself. Sometimes learning to be accountable to yourself takes a good support system


What kind of things do you find yourself procrastinating with?

What would you like to change about procrastinating?

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Peace, Love & Light Everyone!