About Me, Sunshine

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Hello I’m Sunshine. Fellow Earth traveler, soul sister, and just regular ole girl in the world.

Hi YA, Hello, Osiyo, Salam Alaykum, I’m Sunshine Intuitive Medium and Spiritual coach <3

My passion is sharing information I have gleaned from events, situations, circumstances, from my own life to help others in their own life journey.

I love making new soul connections and spending time with like minded- open minded people.

I believe that through love, respect, and acceptance we can all change our mind set to open the way for world peace.

My journey as a intuitive medium began when I was a child, I was very different from the other children, and I even though I had no name at the time for what I was, I knew that some how I had to find a way to help people with in my current incarnation here on Earth. So as I learned more and more about being a physical, emotional/metal intuitive empath through out my life. When I was down I looked at how I was living and learned to ask myself the questions. Does how I am living resonate with my highest purpose? If not what can I do to better that about myself?

I learned over the years that what I wanted to leave behind most was inspiration. I wanted to  inspire others to become their highest empowered self. I wanted to share myself with others in a way  that both benefit myself and the sitter. So I help others transitions from a negative time line to a more positive mind set. Life sometimes creates blocks, and all it takes it some bare bones truth awakening to help you remove those blocks holding you back from your highest good, and potential. Helping you through spiritual awakening and showing you how to  help yourself by making positive changes in your life to achieve your most desired goals.

I love meeting people from all over the world and learning new things as we all travel this life journey together.

Oh yeah I totally Geek out on a lot of things from rock hounding, travel, learning other languages, and cultures. I love books, animals, and its my hope that one day I will be well enough to hug an elephant <3

I enjoy sharing about my spiritual awakening and helping others through their own.

medium-seal-500x500-300x300 About Me, Sunshine

I am a Certified Intuitive Medium and Spiritual healer, I studied under and am certified by James Van Praagh. I enjoy connecting with others and sharing my spiritual abilities.

All Psychic/Pendulum readings are for entertainment purposes only! As we all have free will and can change a reading just by exercising your own free will you can make changes which sometimes is a great thing 🙂

Also I want to add that anything I say on my website, my vlogs, blogs, videos is my personal opinion. I am not a medical doctor and my opinions are not meant to replace the advice of your physician.

If you wish to schedule a reading with me Please contact me either through email sunshine.poetess@gmail.com or the contact form here on the page
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