Astral Projection, my personal story

Astral Projection, my personal story

Astral Projection my personal story.

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When I was married to my first husband he bought me my first metaphysical book and WOW! A whole new world!

Once I began to open my world up to all sorts of new ideas I learned about astral projection and then decided to learn and try to do it. I guess I had to prove to myself whether or not Astral projection is real.

I used the techniques in Silver Raven Wolf book “To Stir a Magick Cauldron” as well as her first book “To ride a silver broomstick”.  These books are more of a Wicca nature but do and does have excellent information inside their covers.

Anyway onto my story. I read everything I could find on the subject from the library because all of this was a little scary at first but in time I began to understand I was different from most people yet also very much the same also.

It was a sunny summer day back in 1993.  I had been trying to get a hold on my husband at the time he was acting a bit of a wandering soul.  He was never good at staying in one place for very long but it’s really just part of his free spirited nature.  I could not accept this at the time becstrudel-1949587_1920-300x200 Astral Projection, my personal storyause I wanted so badly for my life to be real.

I laid down on the couch in my room and begun the breathing exercise and then onto my chakrahs I was spinning my crown chakra in both directions and there I went.

About an hour later I felt myself being jolted awake with what was the first huge mistake of my life in my hands I had information and I needed it confirmed immediately.  I was sure my husband would not have done what I thought I saw.

In my out of body experience I had seen my husband at his work.  Standing out side in the parking lot kissing a woman I knew he had dated in the past.smoke-474121_1920-196x300 Astral Projection, my personal story

When my husband got home I asked him if he had seen her today and his answer was yes. I asked him did you kiss her. He lied but his face didn’t, I knew what I had seen was the truth.  He started yelling at me and saying I was spying on him by driving by his work.  I hadn’t driven by, I had never left my couch.

Needless to say my marriage ended in less than a year but the lessons I came away with were priceless.  So was the ability to astral travel.  If my husband would not have bought me that book I would not have even known I could astral travel let alone what it even was in the first place.

Do you have a Astral projection of OBE experience you want to share?




joy-233380_1280-300x169 Astral Projection, my personal storyA couple of links to help you with Astral Projection:

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