Authenticity – what is authentic really?

Authenticity – what is authentic really?

Authenticity – what is authentic really?

truth-166853_1920-1-1024x678 Authenticity - what is authentic really?

By definition its the quality of being authentic.

Hmm… vague. Well let’s take that just a little Bare Bones Truth Awakening deeper. When thinking of yourself as Bare Bones Truth Awakening authentic you want to really really dive down into the core of you and your most horrifying truths.

What is Character?

By definition, the mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual.

Most of us have been taught throughout our childhood that it is good to be good. To have a high moral character this is very true however if you are not holding your self accountable in secret, you most likely are not doing so in life either.

It matters because it is like a map of fingerprints, images we leave behind throughout all of our interactions. Change can not be expected where action is not taken. Simple. This includes inside yourself and your mind.

What is integrity?

stained-glass-1181864_1920-1024x681 Authenticity - what is authentic really?

The quality of being honest, and having the quality of being honest, and having strong moral principles; moral and uprightness.

Integrity is a principle of generally conducting one’s self;  Such as being a lady or a gentlemen. Yet true integrity comes from the heart. If you ever do not know what to do just ask your heart and wait for the way the energy pulls you. The heart always knows what is right.

Why does it all matter? It should all matter Yo because you matter! Get me?

Empowerment is why it matters. The personal empowerment that comes from knowing, and becoming so aware of your self.

So passionate in ways you never thought you could. Knowledge is power, How could you find your cores truest passion with out being truly aware and in tune with yourself? Do you ever find yourself getting distracted by exteriors? What do you do about it?

Write to me tell me what your best Bare Bones True Awakenings self would look like today, I want to know!