Awakening into Conscious Love

Awakening into Conscious Love

Awakening into Conscious Love

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Love, in all its glory has never really been all its cracked up to be?

At least that was my perspective until I started learning that there are many different types and layers of love.

The absolute most important love is that which I give unto myself.

I do this in many ways – I protect my emotions and my time.  I set myself time each day to self love/self care.  I give myself hugs, and tell myself I’m lovely and wonderful.

Other love can be the love you share with family, with friends.  This love however, is not always a ‘safe love’, unlike the before mentioned self love.

Caution and self preservation is required for the love that we receive from others because others do not always have our best interests at heart.
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This does not mean that others do not love us, they just don’t always love us with the same value system with which they might love themselves.

Maybe they don’t even love themselves at all sometimes.  Remembering to cover your own six o’clock in love is the best practice for self love.

You must always make yourself a first priority, this does not mean you do not love others fully or wholly, more that you are able to protect your heart and are much much less able to be taken for granted.

Now, there is the most sought after beautiful romantic love everyone has been going crazy about for many centuries.

We might have figured it all out by now, this love can be solid or it can be fleeting, yet the scars and experiences it sometimes leaves on our emotional flesh can be gruesome to say the least.

The key to love, happiness, and joy is keeping yourself as whole as you can while going through all of these learning experiences, so that you’re still full enough to give to Awakening into Conscious Love

It’s just who we empaths are.  We are fixers and lovers, yet all the while we seem to always be waiting for someone to come along to fix US.

When we are in our NOW, it needs doing now.

You must take the brave step and love yourself for all you are worth because you are worth everything.

All that manifesting might actually bring a healthy love into your life, and it’s very important to become aware of all the love that needs mindful looking after and protection.

Be whole, be brave, be fierce, and ALWAYS love YOU!


Any thoughts or comments?

Post them in the comment box below, thank you and good luck with all you do in whichever way you do it!

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