Five ways anxiety holds you back

Five ways anxiety holds you back

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Five ways anxiety holds you back.

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Struck with paralyzing apprehension, unease, nervous and agitated full of the fear that something terrible and awful is indeed about to happen at any moment.

Relate? I sure can. Sometimes to the point where I thought I might be dying. Just thinking about how debilitating anxiety can be.

1. Quality of life

The emotional quality of life as well as the emotional quality of life ones self suffer with chronic anxiety or even a person who suffers more mildly.

You do not deserve to suffer that is not our reason for being here. Anxiety disorders are a serious mental illness that can be devastating and over whelming for both the sufferer and the family of the sufferer.

2. Fear sometimes fear can be so great that a person doesn’t want to leave the house. I spent years this way in my past so afraid to even drive up to the market because we didn’t have insurance at the time. I would literally could not drive.

If fear holds you back from activities of normal daily living then it effects your quality of life in a negative manner.

3. Self carespiritual-1920slkdflksjfajswelellellllllll251_1920-1024x768 Five ways anxiety holds you back
Like many other mothers around the world I always put myself last thinking that by doing so I was being a good mother. Insane? Yeah

Here’s the things if you are not putting into you, and no one else is either than your running already on empty.
You can not be a good anything if you are running on empty already as it is.

4. Goals desires and dreams.

If you are running on empty you are also most likely not reaching your well deserved dreams and goals. Your self esteem, self resources are also running low if not empty. When we are not achieving and fulfilling our souls we are not happy.

5. Happiness

When you become unbalanced you become out of synchronicity with the rest of your world. Stay focused, and goal oriented is healthy for one’s emotional well being.

Do you suffer anxiety?

Let me know in the comments below what you think!

Here is a link to help you on your way
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