Frequently Asked Questions

What happens during a reading?

I use different modalities for a reading which usually involve either Intuitive cold reading, tarot, pendulum, runes. Depending on the type of reading you have scheduled will depend on the modality used.

How do I receive information?

I receive information directly from spirit through clairaudience and clairvoyance. I am a physical and emotional empath I often receive information by looking into a person’s aura or energy field.

How often are you correct?

No Medium or psychic is ever 100 percent accurate. A persons free will plays a major role in how their future actually turns out. I am not here to read your future I am here to help you open up the blocks which prevent you from living your most wanted future. I use my gift to help others change their life gently one day at a time.

Can I change my future or the outcome of a reading?

Everyone has freewill, in relationships especially but all readings are subject to free will. If you change the patterns of your day you will change your future its very simple. Everything that happens to us in life is connected to the choices we or others make for us. A reading can help you make better choices but a reading can not always help you avoid a pit fall. You are in charge of you with your freewill. You are responsible for your own actions.

What if I do not like what I’m being told during a reading?

Everyone has free will if you do not like what your hearing in a reading then take a healthy positive action to alter it’s course. Again you are in charge or you. No one else. I like to use readings to empower others, gently focusing on the patterns of disconnect which keep leading you down the unwanted path instead helping you take positive steps toward a better path, the path that will lead you to your bare bones truth awakening.