Grief and the Awakening Process.

Grief and the Awakening Process.

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Grief and the Awakening Process.

woman-1246587_1920-300x199 Grief and the Awakening Process.

Depending on a persons Religious or Spirituality belief system. That belief system plays a key role in how a person experiences the death and dying process. what a person believes about death and dying also plays a large factor. It hurts because it mattered it mattered because you love.

Stages of grief:

In general we all experience these to some degree: Shock, disbelief, denial, isolation, guilt, bargaining, anger, depression acceptance and hope.

Belief systems:

All Religious and Spiritual belief systems have its own set of beliefs about he moments prior, before, and after death.
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So depending on each persons higher power will depend very much how that person experiences their own death.  This is also true for the person suffering loss.

Loss is a phase of life we all experience.  Mourning is as unique as each one of us individuals everyone particular experience.

The death, dying, and grieving process is very unique to all involved.  Having a strong support system and journal your feelings, thought, concerns.

As people age and start losing their parents and grandparents they begin to think more inward toward their own mortality.homeless-850086_1920-240x300 Grief and the Awakening Process.

Healing and forgiveness is also a unique part of grief there is no length.  It’s up to the person and how that person feels about their particular grief circumstances.

This singular experience is a very intimate one.  It was six months before It hit me full throttle.  I felt duress.  I reached for my phone to call my mother and it hit me she wasn’t not answering the phone.

I had known she had died however I had not accepted it which led to much more suffering than I actually needed to go through.  Once this acceptance had taken place though I was able to move more freely through the rest of my grieving process.

I began seeing 1111 about a year before my mother passed away at the time I had no idea what it meant or even if it meant anything at all . It did how ever mean that my life was going to change like never before.

Throughout life we go through many types of grief.  From loss of life or loss of identity.  When you go through Kundalini awakening and any kind of personal or spiritual awakening you lose nouns.synchronously-867887_1920-300x200 Grief and the Awakening Process.

You lose people you places and things you love most.  You lose yourself.  This happens because we are changing and awakening into our new self and other people are doing the same things just on different levels and different set of circumstances.

Loss is a natural part of the paradigm the shift that is occurring inside you.

What have you experienced?

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