Guilt? What to do with it?

Guilt? What to do with it?

Guilt? What should you do with it?

coffee-2076806_1jndfdnlaknsdfnsdnkkgsn920-1024x683 Guilt? What to do with it?

Receiving or gifting Self forgiveness is not a magical moments, there will not be angels signing, there will not be fireworks going off it is literally a moment in time when we understand we feel different about it now.

The need to forgive is now more important now that than it ever has been. Sometimes, many years after an event we are still “playing the movie” in our mind. We are still allowing our self to perceive the contents of that movie over and over again.

Years later you may find yourself replaying the movie in your mind, yet you understand it was twenty five years ago that happened. It just doesn’t feel the same. As they say time heals all things, but what about about if you don’t have years to wait?

What if you, or someone you know is chronically ill? How can we move forward as a soul?

Why is guild bad for us? Guilt is like poison it eats us from the inside. Guilt is the darkness that sucks us inside where our demons live.

Shame.  Why do we feel it? Shame comes from a the same place inside you that you find that unworthy feeling you once thought you believed.

Go ahead say it I love you to yourself if you need to, or would like to.

Ways to let suffering go;guy-2113855_1920-768x1024 Guilt? What to do with it?

Just look inside yourself and ask “does it benefit me?” If it doesn’t, you may find to seek peace, let it go.

Here is a cute little forgiveness story. I have been divorced now a little over a year. Her was here to pick up our daughter and do a house chore for us. He happened to notice the long under arm hairs poking out my sleeve.

“That is effing disgusting!!!!!!! Your fucking GROSS!” He squealed What?? “THAT!” He points. Amused, I said what I don’t want to waste my blades they are expensive. I don’t have a sexual partner right now and its truly no one else’s business.

His response was terribly rude & although this was the first time he had done anything like this that I learned from it instead of becoming hurt.

Normally, being as sensitive as I am this would have wounded me for months but not anymore because use my Bare Bones Truth Awakening is made from love, acceptance and inner peace.

Do you have any familiar or similar stories?   We would LOVE to hear them!

Best wishes everyone & stay Bare Bones Truth Awakened!