Happiness! (Is it really in there?)

Happiness! (Is it really in there?)

Happiness! (Is it really in there?)beautiful-18279_1920-1024x682 Happiness! (Is it really in there?)

The only time you can ever truly be happy is when you let go and be yourself. To be yourself you have to know yourself. To know yourself you must become self aware.

So many people think it takes years to progress in soul ascension and awareness to any kind of mastery but I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t and it’s not.

It it literally the process of becoming Bare Bones Truth Awakening AWARE. Aware of what? AWARE of YOU! The you that lives beneath the surface of your beautiful body.

Awareness does not require mastery. Self discipline requires mastery awareness only requires you understand and know yourself beyond your own surface. That you realize yourself for what you are!

An amazing Bare Bones Truth Awakening Truther Sluther. (join the club) Yes you to are a truth seeker.

The truth which you seek is only that of your own. That is what is you! Aware of yourself.

flower-1408597_1920-1024x684 Happiness! (Is it really in there?)

A certain amount of discipline is required however to achieve any balance or goals you seek.

Everything you need to achieve every single dream you could possibly dream up is there already right now inside you.

Setting personal boundaries with yourself is a great first step in the right direction.

It’s true happiness really is inside you it just needs some good ole bare bones honesty, believing in yourself.

Setting some boundaries and goals. Take pride in yourself, do good things, be the you that you always wanted to be. I dare you!

What are your dreams?

What would make you happy?

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