How do you like your eggs in life?

How do you like your eggs in life?

How do you like your eggs in Life?

^27D98EB2B7A8289EE55B353DC7FDB4BAD9159747825684372E^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr-1024x680 How do you like your eggs in life?

Personally I prefer two minute thirty second poached eggs in my afternoons.  I am not anywhere close to being a morning person although I do wake quite early.  I like to take my time to stretch and yawn a little before I begin pulling in the day.  I like to wake up, have my morning wake up beverage, have my medicine, take time to WAKE UP YO! Time to Reflect, RE-charge, and RE-challenge myself. Hey, I just got to be Bare Bones Truth Honest with you. 

One of the things I learned from my time in English culture is this: Slow the heck down! It doesn’t matter how long it takes to accomplish something, there are still the same amount of hours in the day no matter how fast and stressful you work.

This lesson also cultivated a need for me to look at my life in a different way.  I need to ask myself a different question. I realized that sometimes we aren’t honest with ourselves, about our own required needs, what our actual requirements are, strengths, weaknesses, and so on.  Before I became chronically ill, I could do things I can’t do now.  Yet I find if I just keep doing little bits at a time even if it’s a little bit every hour eventually then I will accomplish it!  That is indeed a Bare Bones Truth Awakening moment!

One thing I required  most was time.  I was recovering from a lot of damage from my brain injury as well as the illness itself, and life saving surgery which repaired, but also made more damage.  I needed to learn that I required tenderness, gentleness, and time.  I noticed though that is also one thing we over look about others in our lives.  How do we handle them? How do they handle us? What are the healthy boundaries I want to set? How do I want to leave this person I have in my current space? In what emotional condition do I want them to leave me in? If in fact the relationship were to break down how would you secure the feelings of a person or yourself?

Voicing all of this though was a different matter.  Learning to voice, Bare Bones Honesty.  My Personal Bare Bones Truth.   My needs in any relationship had been something I have struggled with all my life.  Until I awakened to my Bare Bones Truth Awakening, I had trouble with feeling like a door mat.  I couldn’t say No without over explaining or trying to justify why I couldn’t do this or that.

It was almost as if I was ashamed to have needs, or even worse special needs.  I felt like a burden to my family.  Ashamed to have any needs as my medication was so expensive,  I felt my family would be better off if I had expired.  Seems silly right? Well it wasn’t because sometimes it’s paralyzing emotionally.

So I will be working hard over the next few months to share with you all I have learned about voicing, asserting, boundaries, my personal Kundalini awakening story, dealing and piloting through life with Kundaluni awakening when chronically ill.  The knowing, the self awareness, My personal Bare Bones Truth Awakening story, and so much more over the next few months.  Don’t worry, most of what I share is free because paying it forward is a Bare Bones Truth Awakening Principle!

Becoming Bare Bones Truth Awakened, and aware I have those requirements especially as I recover from a completely life changing brain injury, and incurable life long illness.  I needed those boundaries to feel great.  Choosing to  live in accordance with boundaries.  My Bare Bones Truth Awakening has helped me so much when I became Bare Bones Truth Awakened, although for me it has taken a lot of time.  I don’t seem to like learning any way but the hard way.   It has been a major challenge.   A challenge I hope will inspire you to become a Bare Bones Awakened Truther and challenge yourself just a bit more.

Here is a free Hard way life hack: Just take action!  You can’t fail unless you don’t move and take action.

From now on though I want to think of myself and everyone else like a freshly laid egg.  Fragile and to be handled with extreme care.  Like we all have fragile little egg hearts..  That way, I am sure to handle each persons feelings and heart as I would like mine handled and cared for.  That is a Bare Bones Truth Awakening life tip.  Easy lessons are also worthy, something does not need to be made difficult for it to be of value to you.

 Have you ever thought about your shell?  The shell of others? What did you think?  Send me an email I would enjoy your story. 

 What is your Bare Bones Truth?  Did you know how precious your shell is?? I like mine carefully and tenderly handled yo!

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If you haven’t started your own Bare Bones Truth Awakening, as I said, the only way to fail is to not try, or to not DO, so what are you waiting for?







Ekhart Tolle is a master author on the subject of spiritual growth and enlightenment here is a link to one of his books to help you on your way.

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