How I Prepare before a Reading

When preparing to do your reading meditation is used for energy clearing and focus. I use Lakota sage for grounding my energies.

I use energy shielding techniques, and connect with spirit and the time you have purchased with me for your reading is purely focused on you and your need. Your aura, your energy field, anything spirit might contribute to you for personal growth.

My readings are used to gain access, and insight to your problem and ways to help you over come it. My job is to help you identify what is holding you back and help you come through it gently as possible.

I use my gifts and abilities to help others through spiritual awakening process, life transitions, focus on healing you spiritually more so than reading your future.

I do not read about medical problems I am not a doctor, I do not read about legal problems I am not a lawyer, I do not read third party as its unethical to be in other peoples business.

Sometimes in life we just need a good support system to help us through the tough patches.

Life is about helping others.

Readings are about helping you sort it all out.