Why no one likes the truth

Why no one likes the truth

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Truth! Why no one likes the truth

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Why doesn’t anyone seem to like the truth? Have you ever noticed that when the Bare Bones truth Awakening Truest truths come to the surface it makes people angry?

How on earth could the truth make people so angry?  Well its easy to see when you look at it through awakened eyes.  When you bring the truth to the surface people get called up to be accountable for their actions.  Most people don’t like that.  Most people would rather sit around with their heads jammed firmly up their you know whats!smartphone-1602486_1920-1-300x155 Why no one likes the truth

Seriously though think about it.  Have you ever called anyone out on the truth an had them turn it into a lie so they continue to look good on the surface.

Personally I find safety in the truth because the truth will always win any situation as long as you stay as Bare Bones Truth Awakening honest as you have ever been.

The truth will even make yourself angry when you are first starting to awaken.  Yes for the same reason.  You will be calling yourself out.  Pulling your self up on your short comings.truth-2069846_1280-1-300x150 Why no one likes the truth

Hey this is where the good stuff actually comes from.  What is between you and your most desired dreams?  Is it your truth?  If you don’t like your current truth then you should seriously consider what it is that will actually make you happy.

Many times it’s within this truth that we first awaken.  Many people find themselves in up upheavals they had no idea were going to be shape shifting through your life.  If you are not living in alignment with your soul purpose the universe will dish you up a huge helping of personal truth.  This is not a curse but a gift and as you move through your awakening you will start to see this as well.smartphone-1618909_1920-1-300x145 Why no one likes the truth

Many times as we start to wake up we find ourselves with in our new realized truth and we want others to experience this with us and how great this change would be for them because you know best right?

Lol, no the universe knows best and if this is you then you need to know that what your personal truth is that has been so profoundly realized by you is only there for you.  That is why it is your truth.

What is your current truth?  What truth do you desire to live?

Can you get bare bones truth awakening honest with yourself and others?

Let me know your thoughts!

Use the comments box below to share your true Bare Bones Awakening Truest Truths!

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