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Why is the truth Vital during awakening?

videoBlog Available Here Why is the truth VITAL especially during awakening?   What is the truth? It is a set of facts that belong only to a particular situation, circumstance, or relationship. Which includes our relationships we have with our self, our relationship with our source energy. The truth is by definition that by which […]

What do you owe yourself?

What do I owe myself?   Have you ever asked yourself this? When I asked myself what do I owe myself. I decided to really dig in you know because I was getting myself all Bare Bones Truth Awakened. So I took myself seriously for once and asked myself. Easier said that done. Well the […]

How do you like your eggs in life?

How do you like your eggs in Life? Personally I prefer two minute thirty second poached eggs in my afternoons.  I am not anywhere close to being a morning person although I do wake quite early.  I like to take my time to stretch and yawn a little before I begin pulling in the day. […]