How does a person become spiritually aware?

How does a person become spiritually aware?

I get asked this question a lot so I decided to blog about it.portrait-2690465_1920-300x167 How does a person become spiritually aware?

Being an enlightened human comes more after the journey of awakening, becoming spiritually aware is the journey itself.

The modality of getting to the end of the awareness journey depends very uniquely upon the person having a spiritual awakening. Modalities are just as diverse as we are as we search along our life not just for A path but for our own path. Many paths lead us to the same place which is enlightenment. The modality of Christianity, Omnism, Wiccan, Neo Pagan, Shamanism, Islam, Agnostic, Catholicism, etc does not matter, what matters is that what was meant to be acknowledged was gained, and comprehended, and lived.

Each person awakens from illusions of old into a new awakening of personal truth differently. Yet everyone is still a seeker of their own ultimate truth. and on occasion the truths of others as their truth effect our own.

There is something deeper to what Martin Luther King said “The truth will set you free.” and YOUR truth will set you free.

There is nothing stronger than truth. When you look in the mirror you are confident because you know your on the right track, your beliefs are in synch, and your daily mission balanced yet you can’t get your ass off the couch, and even if you did you have no idea what to do with yourself next.

man-2745281_1920-300x265 How does a person become spiritually aware?

After a while depression sets in, life is off track, we have lost something in our self. Time seems to slow down, and we fall deeper into despair. We swim in and out of dark night of the soul and eventually come to the understanding that there is much much more going on around us than we ever imagined. Quantum physics is paving the way for a new way of living, a more qualified and purposeful living, and a more gentle way of being alive.

There is no right or wrong way to become spiritually awakened many people begin like myself seeing 1111 repetitively. Others may notice a change in intuitive abilities, some notice because life does a literal 360.

Spiritual Awakening is more about personal growth and personal acceptance than modality. It’s about how well we choose to love ourselves and those around us. How well we take action in our good works and deeds.

When mentoring people through their spiritual awakening process I have found that people have the hardest time excepting themselves just as they are. It is okay to be imperfectly perfect which is the point of it all. To feel okay in your own skin, to let go of old beliefs and find new passions as you reinvent yourself, to be as whole as you want to become the answer lies with in you.

Chances are if your reading this spirit has you pointed in the right direction as when we are to spiritually awaken the Universe seems to put what we need right in our path. There is no right or wrong way to awaken and the most important part of it all is that you infact DO AWAKEN to your truth, your dreams, the best version of yourself, that you share that version of yourself with the world.

identity-795295_1920-300x232 How does a person become spiritually aware?

It’s about the unique journey that metamorphosed you into a spiritually awakened power house and that is the Bare Bones Awakened Truth.

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