What do you owe yourself?

What do you owe yourself?

What do I owe myself?


^48AF913C97E1A82756CC8FD433603FF8FD23613B7F1BDBF696^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr-300x182 What do you owe yourself?

Have you ever asked yourself this? When I asked myself what do I owe myself. I decided to really dig in you know because I was getting myself all Bare Bones Truth Awakened. So I took myself seriously for once and asked myself.

Easier said that done. Well the words went onto the paper. Then….. and hour maybe…… two went by. Before I actually started to take myself seriously. How many times I had gotten mad at people for not taking me seriously until I actually took myself seriously? How could I ever expect anyone else to? We have become so conditioned and disconnected by our cultural trends and social trends that we rarely focus below our own surface yet expect others to delve deep oceans beneath our own surface we have spent an entire life time hiding from in many cases.

Why because the truth is scary. The honest Bare Bones Truth Awakening truth is that most people never ever become truly aware of who they are fundamentally, in the deepest core truth of yourself.

Why is it scary? Because life is scary until we learn how to make life work in synchronicity with your own Bare Bones Truth Awakening Process. Everyone’s process is different as well as duration and levels of ascension they maybe at.

Do you owe yourself freedom? What would a completely free you look like? Write about it to yourself, write to me if you want. Take the action, ask the right question until you have broken down your Bare Bones Truth Awakening all the way
ere on paper in front of you.

This is an important part of awareness as we become aware over and over again in many different ways until the end of our lives. The Universe just sort of reaches out and nudges you until you get that Universal Ding.

Do you owe yourself true happiness? What would that look like? Do you owe yourself forgiveness? What would that you look like? Do you owe yourself more wealth? What would that look like?^A2A47A43944CB673D213F40345E2915FC024C9CAEF830AE228^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr-300x189 What do you owe yourself?

I meant it when I said email me your answered questions, I want to know how you are getting on with your Bare Bones Truth Awakening Challenge.

Do you feel like no one likes you? Do you feel insecure? Not good enough?

What would the you who doesn’t feel that way look like?

What do you owe yourself? Take the Bare Bones Truth Awakening Challenge today to find out!

Have a beautiful day! So much Gratitude for your support.