What is your Karmic debt to yourself?

What is your Karmic debt to yourself?

Have you ever wondered what is your Karmic debt to yourself?

Lately I have been pondering this idea. We all know that karma exists and that her job here is real us in an keep us in balance.

We all know that what we put out into the wold also comes back to us with what ever karmic residue multiplied by the loins of our 56th great child attached to it.

What about our own personal karma schedule with our self? If we do not practice healthy self love and self care practice.

In what ways does Karma turn around to give us a justified nudge in the right direction?

More often then not I find myself not checking in with myself in this way.

Karma isn’t just about how well we treat our environments or each other, but also about how you treat yourself.

No one wants to be in the Karma clink especially when you’re trying to pilot through awakening symptoms, chronically ill or not.

I find that the more I look at my emotional checks and balances this way, I catch some of the negative that I had thought that I already dispelled by the notion.

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This is why emotional house keeping is a must for anyone who is ready to re-challenge by becoming more mindful of your own relationship with Karma.

Can personal Karma balanced be achieved through personal forgiveness?

What are your thoughts? In which ways do, or have you experienced the domestic shift in our thoughts?

How do you make sure your karmic debts with yourself are honored?

What is your worth?

What do you want it to be?