Why do we do things the hard way???

Why do we do things the hard way???

Why the hard way???man-2037255_1920-1024x649 Why do we do things the hard way???

Ever notice the hard way is generally the route we take to get just about anywhere. Mentally, emotionally, physically?

Why do we insist on putting up resistance to the universe? Why are we scared of the easy way?

Maybe we learned when we were young that that the path of least resistance is not the desired way. Maybe we learned that easy gained, the easy way was not worthy of having.

Did you notice how that made you feel inside? Did you notice how dark and heavy you felt with only your child mind to rationalize what us crazy adults are going on about? This is one of the ways we start thinking, acting, practicing and talking negative self talk.

Adults often do not think when they speak. Its easy to grow up feeling unworthy just because one day uncle jack told you that you were so good at swinging, that you’re easy learner. Then, all of a sudden it got hard to learn. Do you see how our minds do not often do us any favors?

Which way is better?

Once you understand why it is that the easy way forms in your mind then you can just adapt that to your needs. Its not so much how we get to the end, more so that we actually get there. Once you know it doesn’t really matter what they say about the easy way.

boy-524512_1920-1024x683 Why do we do things the hard way???
If you hadn’t learned it the hard way then how much different would you be? If you hadn’t learned it the easy way then how much different would you be? The by which we take an action is more about perception and how we want to experience the situation.

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