Why is the truth Vital during awakening?

Why is the truth Vital during awakening?

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Why is the truth VITAL especially during awakening?


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What is the truth? It is a set of facts that belong only to a particular situation, circumstance, or relationship. Which includes our relationships we have with our self, our relationship with our source energy.

The truth is by definition that by which is wholly true and in accordance with fact or reality.
Have you discovered yours? The truth of your soul? The amazing WHO- man that you are?

If we do not know our own Bare Bones Truth how can we hold ourselves accountable? How can we hold others accountable? How will you keep yourself in check? How can there be any change?

Can we expect others to conduct themselves by our own moral compass if we do not know for our own self’s what our own morals actually are? The truth is not the moral you that you tell people you want to have (you’re only telling people who you want to be, not who you are) Truth? So you need to know your very own Bare Bones Truth Awakening.

How can we expect others to be honest with us if we are not conducting our self honestly? Truly honest all the way down to dirt honest.

Truth is source.

The truth propels us into our highest, and most passionate self. What could you do with a sacred space like that? With truth you’re always connected to spirit. Truth settles karmic debt. Truth encourages us to live in a way that our hearts know to be true and right.

The Bare Bones Truth of any situation can be used to benefit our self and others.

When something happened to me, and when I chose and learned the hard way.. How valuable breaking down the Bare Bones Truth was for me. What it meant in my life. My Bare Bones Honest Reality was that my current life was an illusion. Everything I believed for twenty years was a facade. Its good Bare Bones Truth Awakening Principle to meet and part with others in the same way you wish it for yourself. It wasn’t until my Kundalini awakening and my own Bare Bones Truth Awakening Experience that I understood the invisible truth was actually visible if I could gain the skills I needed to see it then do it.

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The truth is like a lion, you don’t have to defend it. Let it loose it will defend itself.- Saint Augustine. .