You are such a hypocrite!

You are such a hypocrite!

You are such a Hypocrite!

time-1528627_1920-1024x1024 You are such a hypocrite!

Did you know this?

What makes a person a hypocrite?  Well generally it is growth that causes others to glance our direction with suspicious eyes.

Forgetting that we too are growing spiritually through out our lives learning, growing, and changing yourself too.

Are we not allowed to grow and alter our beliefs, thoughts, opinions?  I learned this in my early twenties. I hated my mom so much I thought.  Yeah I was a ego driven little monster.  I did though feel like I hated her for a time but it was only once I understood and broke down the Bare Bones Truth Awakening Honesty way that I understand my mother was also a spirit on a journey too.

I judged my mother so coldly with out even thinking about what may have been going on in her life at any given time.

She had toxic relationships, she had a twenty year marriage which was very abusive.  She had to go back to school at the age of thirty two to become a nurse.  She was doing only what she thought to be right at any given time in her life.direction-1033278_1920-300x200 You are such a hypocrite!

Yet as her daughter I felt I had the right to judge her behaviors and actions.

I self righteously, because I was her daughter, judged her for only being human.

Granted, some parents are all wrapped up in a world of vices and life, but still as children it doesn’t give us the right to forget that just because we call them Mom and Dad that they are not hypocrites.

They are learning spiritual beings just like you and I.

Once I understood this I forgave my mother for all I had been judging her for and our relationship was lovely ever since.hammer-895665_1920-300x212 You are such a hypocrite!

This is where we grow in our self as well.  So many people carry about with themselves emotional baggage that does not serve them.

Remember to be a bit more gentle on those who are also traveling this life with no hand book with directions of the right way.

I love my parents greatly and am so thankful I had them in my life to teach me all they could.

What are your thoughts?

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Here is a link to a wonderful book that may help you in your path
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